Learn how to plan and execute new strategies to help end your driver turnover crisis once and for all.

Create an Intelligent Driver Retention System


The D1 Coaching Program for Driver Retention and Recruiting is exclusively for motor carrier companies who are ready to create an advantage over their competition by attracting and keeping the most qualified drivers available today. Through this program, your company will receive the education, training and support to create a pipeline of drivers that want to know about the next open position, get them to commit and keep them. You will implement strategies effective for your specific organization, will know how to maintain and continue to improve moving forward, and will have achieved the best in class D1 Certified status as a motor company.

Currently there is a misconception that the driver shortage has been resolved because freight volumes are low, thus drivers have nowhere to ‘jump’ to. However, volumes will increase and issues will resurface. Carriers will not be able to keep up with demand and will lose loads, opportunities and perhaps customers all together. Or if freight volumes do not increase for your company, you will simply lose your drivers to companies that are getting the freight.

If you secure your future now, getting freight won’t be an issue, nor will be the ability to find and keep great drivers.


Increased Profits

The cost of replacing a driver can be between $5k – $25k depending on the size and service scope of the carrier. A company with committed, preferred drivers will not only attract new customers but can earn increased freight rates due to higher and more productive levels of service.

Improved Operations

A “driver centric” company will result in lower turnover and lower recruiting, marketing and operational costs. This leads to increased capacity, productivity and more competitive pricing levels to shipper customers.

Industry Recognition

This commitment to excellence not only sends a message to driver staff and candidates, but it will become a significant advantage over your competition as it is recognized by new shipper prospects, brokers and vendors.

D1 Programs & Coaching

for Driver Recruiting and Retention


What an eye opener - we finally have guidance that gets to the heart of the issue with new ideas on an age old problem.

Dan MaloneyPresident, Kingsway Logistics

The 'roll up your sleeves and get dirty' process in Norris' book forces you to be honest with what needs to change - get ready to work.

Kelly BrownSr. Recruiting Manager, PB Industries

There is no sugar-coating about how RRED, Inc. works; their direct approach to assess the issues and creative ways to drive to a strategic plan are amazing. If you are uncomfortable with them pushing to go outside of your comfort zone, you will not gain much value working with them.

A.P. Elk Grove Village, IL

Norris with RRED, Inc. is brilliant. He knows trucking and how to make money. Every week when we meet I get great ideas that have raised our customer service significantly and our profits by 14%. Everyone has a ‘guy’- Norris is my company’s guy. He has made a huge difference in the effectiveness of my management team.

T.O. Dubuque, IA

RRED, Inc. has worked with us quarterbacking a total reorganization of our 25-year-old business. We were on the brink of going out of business and their insights, execution and support have made us stronger than ever.

D.M. Addison, IL


Interactive training online with key players at the company

Begin to build the foundation for success based on our proprietary self-assessment report card that focuses on identifying your company’s true strengths and weaknesses and provides tactical team-building exercises to implement for immediate driver-centric results.


Intensive training and coaching for the entire company

Our experts meet weekly with key departments in your organization with one core agenda – to help you create a strategic plan that addresses your challenges. Be prepared for independent thinking and staff- involved exercises that guarantee to get you closer to your goal.


Training, consulting and managerial coaching

This hands-on, cradle to grave program uncovers your weaknesses, resolves the issues and results in an actionable long-term plan for your company. This system will help you attract and keep qualified drivers, increase your profits and improve operations.


Corporate meetings and trade conferences

Compelling, current content that challenges the audience to disrupt traditional thinking to open the doors for positive change within their company. As seen on NBC, FOX News, ABC, CNN, CBS, national radio and more.


Break-out sessions and full-day workshops

Attendees leave the event with ‘homework’, tangible resources to put into use. Armed with direction and new information, they will be able to return to the job and make something new and different happen to begin the process of sustainable change.


Packed with insight, strategy and action steps

From adopting a formal training program for all your personnel in contact with drivers to stepping up your game to actually attract qualified drivers, our Drivers Are First™ books blow the cover off how you need to look at the practices under your own roof.

In the world of trucking in America, it is well recognized that all motor carriers are trying to hire drivers from the same diminishing pool of drivers. Once hired, too many leave after a short period of time for a variety of reasons. At the same time, the industry is throwing huge dollars at the retention problem and the turnover rate continues to rise to almost 100% annually.

When properly put into practice, the tactics and approach in this program, for companies in the states and worldwide, succeed in giving carrier companies and companies with fleets the tools to build a pipeline of qualified truck driver applicants that once hired, stay.

If you are tired of the revolving door of drivers, contact us today to learn more about the right program for your company.


The Drivers Are First Program has 3 Fundamental Goals:

  1. To demonstrate the real issues in driver retention and recruitment, industry-wide and specifically within your company.
  2. To give you several tools and know how so you can improve your chances of getting more qualified candidates and keep them working for you for more than a few days, weeks or months.
  3. To help you create a strategy that makes your company stand out and keeps existing drivers from smelling the aroma of a sign-on bonus from another carrier and leaving you.

Participants of the Drivers Are First Program will Learn:

  1. How to do a reality check on their retention and recruiting strategies and outcomes on an ongoing basis.
  2. Why some of the biggest companies in the industry still make bad decisions regarding recruiting and retaining drivers and how you can avoid making the same mistakes with practical principles behind making good decisions about necessary change.
  3. Why so many plans and programs fail based on mismatched expectations and conclusions and how to do it right.

CEO’s and Management Teams of the Program will be able to:

  1. Understand what is not working at their company.
  2. Execute the action steps for the seven principles of developing an “Attractor Factor” to drive candidates to your company.
  3. Execute the type of formal training that is needed for all relevant department personnel to attain overall driver satisfaction that will significantly reduce turnover.

Develop an early warning system to predict which drivers are unhappy and planning to leave.

Build the Foundation

Learn the core, though not widely known, principles of managing a high impact driver program. Understand exactly how your current processes, tactics and culture may be standing in the way of success.

Develop the Plan

With the guidance of our experts, create a plan that addresses your challenges and resolves the issues. Be prepared for independent thinking and staff involved exercises that guarantee to get you closer to your goal.

Execute and Maintain

Implement the tactics established in your strategic plan, throughout the company, from the top executive down. With your coach, you will find how to make these new initiatives scalable and ‘stick’.


for Best in Class Motor Carriers

This designation, a goal for those trying to achieve a solid retention and recruiting program, and a mark of excellence for those that have, brands companies as dependable, honest and a destination for drivers looking for long-term employment.