Learn how to resolve challenges and turn them into a competitive advantage.

Counsel & Coaching

Gain a fresh perspective on your business and become a better CEO

Even the most educated, hard-working, open-minded CEO’s and Entrepreneurs can benefit from taking a look at the bigger (or different) picture — the most successful executives know when to ask for help.

Coaching, advising and mentoring is about support, fact finding (not fault finding) and reaching a common goal. While planning for the best ‘play’, especially in business, a holistic 30,000 foot perspective by someone who understands the issues on the ground can be invaluable — enlisting RRED, Inc. as your Chief Executive Advisor™ will give you that advantage.

From day one, you will benefit personally and professionally as you and your CEA navigate through known and unknown issues and opportunities. Where most typical ‘consultants’ aren’t truly integrated into your overall vision, your CEA is available round the clock to you by phone and meets with you weekly to facilitate full disclosure and forward motion.

Your CEA understands the impact of decisions regarding key executives, processes, customers, vendors, employees and the future. Be prepared to get to the heart of your issues – you will be challenged, you will be asked uncommon discovery questions, and your answers will be examined.

As a result, you will mature as a CEO and learn how to get your company ‘unstuck’ by achieving a higher level of business intelligence with access to:

    A sounding board with unbiased intentions

    Relevant synopses of current industry issues

    Topical, thoughtful recommendations

    Solutions based in decades of strategic decision making experience

    Executable tactics and directives

Whether you are developing a growth strategy, establishing key performance indicators for departments and managers or shopping for the most effective software for day-to-day operations, each decision you make today effects your business tomorrow, and we can help you make the right ones for you.

Strategic Plan Development

Sharpen your decision making skills while preparing for the future

The key to any successful plan is Strategy – without it, you’re subject to becoming a carbon copy of your competition. Strategy can only be executed in an environment in which the correct questions are asked, there is an understanding that what worked 5 years ago may not be relevant today, and the prospect of change is embraced.

Your Chief Executive Advisor™ will assimilate findings from every idea that you have uncovered together about your specific business and build a relevant, responsive plan for the future of your business.

    Establish Priorities

      Create Strategies for Problem Solving

    Implement Action Plans

    Measure and Monitor Results

     Develop Special Financial Reporting

    Define Your Critical Success Factors and Benchmarks

    Develop “Dashboard” to Report Progress

Staff Training

Capitalize on the strengths of your people and hold them accountable

Training programs help prepare management and employees for continuing growth and development. Engaging your workforce with face-to-face training delivers positive results for improved performance, productivity and profitability.

A plan for business improvement is only as effective as the people you have enlisted to enforce it – their buy-in and understanding of goals, materials and expectations are critical for success.

Work ethic is a valuable trait that cannot be taught; though ethic without goals is a wasted fortune. Your staff will be aware of your vision for the future of the company, how you plan to get there, and what their role is. You will have the opportunity to capitalize on your strongest players and strengthen or re-assess those who have not been historic ‘high-producers’.

When you invest in your people in this manner, by instituting decision-making guidelines and resources, they will be re-energized, take more pride in what they do and will be personally invested in the success of the business – because it is based on their own success. Accountability will be effectively enforced through metrics that are clearly defined and staff will be provided the suitable resources to meet and exceed expectations.

In addition to the specific operational responsibilities and procedures required in their unique role, your staff will discover the latest tools, news and education to keep them at the top of their game. For long-term success, they will learn the right questions to ask while performing their job and tactics that will support a competitive advantage for your company – from the ground up.

Benefits to your business as a result of Staff Training include:

    Reduce staff turnover

    Generate higher customer satisfaction ratings

    Develop higher employee commitment

    Double your net profits

    A new operating culture based on real-life, street-smart and results-driven behaviors

Learn how to attract, find and keep
‘A Team’ players.


Learn how to create an environment for lasting prosperity.


Learn how to challenge assumptions to protect what is important.

Drivers Are First Trucking Recruiting and Retention ProgramDrivers Are First™ Motor Carrier Recruiting and Retention Program

Our many years of helping companies in the transportation industry have afforded the insight to understand that companies can solve the challenges they have with driver retention. And those that do will create a significant, long-term advantage over their competition. We can help.