If you were asked how effective your company’s recruiting and retention program is – how many stars would you give?




Our many years of helping companies in the transportation industry have afforded the insight to understand that companies can solve their challenges with driver retention – but due to the commitment required to be successful, not many will.

And those that do will create a significant, long-term advantage over their competition. We can help.



for Driver Recruiting and Retention


Reducing driver turnover at your company will result in increased profits – bottom line. While freight volumes are low, now is the time to implement change. The D1 Coaching program works directly with key personnel at your motor carrier company to help correctly assess the organization, develop the correct strategies for change and put concepts into practice. This ‘train the trainer’ approach results in a recruiting and retention system that not only works, but lasts.


D1 Coaching :: Driver Recruiting and Retention Program



for Best in Class Motor Carriers


Show drivers, candidates, customers and prospects that your motor carrier company is doing it right. The D1 Certification demonstrates that you are a rare breed of carrier that culturally operates on the basis that Drivers Are First™. This designation, a goal for those trying to achieve a solid retention and recruiting program, and a mark of excellence for those that have, brands companies as dependable, honest and a destination for drivers looking for long-term employment.


D1 Certification :: Best in Class Motor Carriers