The companies we work with have open minds and thriving businesses, though it doesn’t always start that way. An initial frank discussion kickstarts discovery to determine if we are a fit.


Our client mix provides great value, allowing us to share cross-channel insights between vendors and customers to provide a 360° perspective for companies who are looking for the big picture.




RRED, Inc. has worked with us quarterbacking a total reorganization of our 25-year-old business. We were on the brink of going out of business and their insights, execution and support have made us stronger than ever over the past seven years.

D.M.of Addison, IL

Norris’s skill and knowledge provided real value to us. He created a plan specifically for my company and helped us put it into practice. The result has been more profits and a more successful organization.

J.B. of Elk Grove Village, IL

Norris is brilliant. He knows trucking and how to make money. Every week when we meet I get great ideas that have raised our customer service significantly and our profits by 14%. Everyone has a 'guy'- Norris is my company’s guy. He has made a huge difference in the effectiveness of my management team.

T.O. Dubuque, of IA

Norris is smarter than I am and I am very smart and successful. But he knows more than I do and that is worth every dollar I pay him.

J.S. of Elk Grove Village, IL

There is no sugar coating about how Norris works; his direct approach to assess the issues and creative ways to drive to a strategic plan is amazing. If you are uncomfortable with Norris pushing to go outside of your comfort zone, you will not gain much value working with him.

A.P. of Elk Grove Village, IL

I have consistently been impressed with Norris’s extensive knowledge of the trucking industry. After discussing with us the needs we had and examining our operations, he constructed a program to repair the flaws he discovered. More importantly, he was directly involved in the implementation of the details and we continue to work with him on a regular basis to be sure we stay on track. Always available, he gives us his full attention and effort whether it’s a big issue or a small one.

P.W. of Westmont, IL

You have matured me as CEO of my company. You have helped me make decisions and take actions that I never would have done without your advice. You showed me how to let people go who were a liability to my success.

R.P. of Chicago, IL

We can set you on target – all you have to do is ask.

If you seek results for your company that seem out of reach or you simply need a nudge in the right direction – give us a call.   Our collective resources and guidance bring considerable value to companies that lean on RRED, Inc.

Below are just a few examples of those that have enjoyed a significant return after asking for help.

Corporate Risk Mitigation

Asset-Based Transportation Company – Addison, IL

In 2003, a family owned $6M asset-based transportation company was confronted with three (3) uninsured casualty losses. This exposure threatened the future of the 25-year-old company, jeopardizing its ability to continue operations without succumbing to bankruptcy.

The company hired RRED, Inc. to assess the situation and identify an alternative to forfeiture. RRED successfully managed the closure of all three open claims, advised the company executives on management transformation and developed their recovery strategy, reorganized operational structure and built the turnaround team to enforce future risk mitigation.

With the work performed by RRED, the trucking company was able to survive the lawsuits with nominal financial loss and avoid a bankrupt status. Throughout the last twelve years, with their RRED Chief Executive Advisor’s continuous support, the company survived the tremendous losses the industry suffered in the 2008 – 2011 economic downturn and has been able to grow into very significant EBITDA (6%) annually.

Profitability & Growth

Custom Electronics Service Company – Chicago, IL

A 16-year-old custom electronics service company had successfully come into its own, though the CEO recognized that while continued growth was attainable, after years of stagnation, he needed help.

RRED, Inc. was engaged to work side by side with the CEO to uncover current obstacles hindering the company’s profitability and increased revenue.  The in-depth assessment and out-of-the box thinking employed by RRED yielded a growth strategy that highlighted necessary changes and how to make them.

The CEO became better at understanding his business financially and operationally. In his own words, “You have matured me as CEO of my company.  You have helped me make decisions and take actions that I never would have done without your advice. You showed me how to let people go who were a liability to my success.”

Within 2 years with RRED, the business grew from $4.2M to $7.6M, and now in year 3, the company projects $9M in sales with a 6% EBITDA.

Merger & Acquisition

Asset-Based Transportation Company – Chicago, IL

In 2011, a five year young $6M asset-based transportation company wanted to create a one-stop shopping opportunity for the market and edge out its competition.  They agreed on a buy versus build strategy to accomplish the endeavor and identified a prospective larger service business that could help them attain their goal. The executives of the trucking company needed a resource they could trust that had the necessary experience required in acquisition strategy that they were lacking.

RRED was first assigned to conduct the necessary research and analysis to determine if the service company was a viable target. Over the following 18 months, RRED developed the acquisition team, advised on the transition plan and in 2012 facilitated a merger between the two companies that resulted in zero cash outlay and a 12 year payout to the former owner.

Three years later, the trucking company projects a combined revenue of $48MM, has 96% market share in its primary space and is holding at about 4.5% EBITDA despite merger costs, new facilities and increases in labor costs due to growth.