How to Create an Intelligent Driver Retention System

Learn, plan and execute new strategies to help you end your driver turnover crisis once and for all.

Rethink your practices to find and keep truck drivers and independent contractors. This book will instruct your entire company, from the top executive down, how to attract, keep and protect the core product of your business – the truck driver.

Book (Paperback)   $27.95

Why Do Smart People Fail?

A leadership book for CEOs and Executives and everyone else!

Would you like to know some common mistakes that CEOs and their executive teams make? Why do some excellent companies and their CEOs lose their way? Would you like to do something extraordinary to improve your results and upgrade your relationships with your key executives, employees and customers?

When Disaster Strikes Home Book

When Disaster Strikes Home

Be the CEO of Your Family’s Preparedness.

Think about “Sandy”. As CEO of your family, you need to make certain that you and your family are prepared for unexpected events whether they are caused by nature or by man. Being ready for the unexpected does not need to be costly or involved, but it is a necessity in today’s world. These books and workbooks provide you with a simple and easy to understand roadmap to preparedness both at work and at home.

Book (Paperback)  $17.95

Workbook  $19.95

Book + Workbook Set  $34.95

Prostate Cancer: Hope is Not a Strategy

Become the CEO of Your Healthcare Treatment Team

It is vital that you become involved in your healthcare and in healthcare decision making. Whether it is maintaining a healthy lifestyle or deciding about treatment for a disease, you should be an active participant in your health care choices, a CEO of You. The book below describes how one man, facing an unpleasant diagnosis, learned to take charge of his health as CEO of his healthcare.

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